duku CRM Insurance Data Integrations

Your duku CRM platform comes with a powerful standards compliant Web Service + API that can be used to interface with almost any other system or database on the market. Software and data integrations play a key role in streamlining your agency's operations and processes. For example, while certain niche cloud services offer unique benefits as a stand-alone solution, integrating these solutions into your back office database platform results in a simple and efficient single point of operation and eliminates data silos. This also allows work flow that can be customized to fit your Agency's needs.

Insurance Agency Data Integrations

The capability to integrate your systems, databases and processes with other technologies and applications is a crucial part of any business platform. With duku CRM you will always be confident in your ability to grow and adapt as technology changes, and pivot quickly as your business model adapts to the landscape. The duku CRM platform can help organizations manage and simplify the process of optimizing and using the increasing volumes of data being generated and collected during normal business operation.

duku CRM also has the ability to integrate with any ACORD standard import file, either from the Carrier directly or other data service providers. This level of detailed tracking will allow your agency to track commissions over the entire lifecycle of a policy from first year target, excess to renewals, the system can trigger many different actions based on different data feeds, for example automated emails or text messages when certain conditions are met.

  • Standard web service and API endpoints allowing for 2-way real-time data interfaces
  • Compatible with the ACORD data file standard
  • Compatible with any CSV or flat file exports from insurance carriers and other data providers
  • SAML/SSO compatible for integrating with e-Application solutions
  • Web services built with and on the current technological standards means your agency will never be limited by your technology as you grow

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The bread and butter of duku CRM, all of the vital insurance specific features built for processing new business, managing producers, forecasting performance and accurately paying commissions

Carrier Offer Tracking

Request, monitor and track all insurance offers, including contingencies.

Life-cycle Tracking

Track each potential policy throughout its life-cycle. From underwriting, approval to placement, each step will be recorded using pre-defined or custom "stages."


Track and monitor the where, when and how on everything that has happened and should happen on your cases. From automated emails to case manager correspondence and everything in-between.

Automated Notifications

Standard notifications including agent onboarding, state licensing expiration notification, carrier appointment information, policy status. Also build your own on-domain notifications.

Agent Access

Provide your agents with a read-only portal into your agency's information with complete control over what they can see, who can see it and how it is viewed. Allow agents to open up their own custom dashboard to help promote your partnership.

Web API Integration Tool

Standard Web API allows for integration with any stands compliant API for both one-way and two-way data feeds.

Producer Licensing + Appointment Tracking

Track your Producers State and Carrier appointment information. This allows check and balances and avoids unnecessary delays when processing a new application.


Dynamic real-time dashboards tailored to meet your business and management needs, specifically role-based. Each business unit can see at any time the key metrics which promote daily monitoring of the health of the agency.


Complete CRM tool, used to market to, promote and manage your agents which are the lifeblood of your business. Integrates into most 3rd-party email and social media platforms.


Automated and manually scheduled to-dos are seamlessly entered, monitored, and converted to notes upon completion (including integration with Outlook/Gmail/Yahoo).

Powerful & Dynamic Reporting

Using a simple drag and drop GUI, build any report which can be run on-demand, attached to an automated notification or email to a set distribution list on a schedule.

Medical Records

Request, monitor and track all medical records for each potential insured (all policies) as well as billing/reimbursement information. Have the ability to track, store and quickly access commonly used doctors and vendors.

ACORD File Integration

Standard import and processing facility for ACORD data files either from carriers or other data vendors.

Electronic File Repository

Unlimited electronic files can be attached through the Outlook integration tool, or dragged and dropped onto your cases, classified with the ACORD standard types and referenced by anyone with security access, no size or number of file limitations, custom file types allowed.

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